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Thanks for signing up for your FREE community-based benefits program.  This is a revlolutionary program whereby we bring together local community advocates in fields from healthcare, financial, tax, fitness, insurance and various other fields to assist you in balancing work and life, planning for the unexpected, saving on your everyday purchases and living well.  

Registration is required to access most features and to validate and download your App to get your FREE WellCard and Benefits Card.

You must either be employed (full-time, part-time, independent contractor with 15 or more hours) by an employer in Osceola county, live in Osceola county and work in Central Florida, full-time college/technical school student or be a member of a local Church that has created their own group program .  Either way we have to validate all information submitted prior to approval.

We have a great amount of FREE benefits and want to make sure we meet the qualifications we set with some of the provider of services you will receive along with our own products and services.

If ou have any questions please email us at [email protected] or complete the contact form or chat bar at the bottom of the site. 

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Recurring Fee: $1.00/month

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