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'It's a bunch of malarkey': Biden blasts Trump for stirring racial tensions

'It's a bunch of malarkey': Biden blasts Trump for stirring racial tensionsFormer Vice President Joe Biden told an anti-poverty gathering Monday that President Trump has pitted racial groups against one another, but pushed back against criticism of his calls for bipartisan compromise.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 15:46:08 -0400

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Death toll from China quakes rises to 11

Death toll from China quakes rises to 11BEIJING/SHANGHAI, June 18 (Reuters) - The death toll from two strong earthquakes in China rose to 11 on Tuesday, with 122 people injured, state media said, adding that rescuers pulled some survivors from rubble in a part of the country that often suffers strong tremors. The quakes, roughly 30 minutes apart, hit the southwestern province of Sichuan late on Monday, with shaking felt in key regional cities, such as the provincial capital of Chengdu and the metropolis of Chongqing. People rushed into the streets and cracks were left in some buildings by the quakes, pictures posted on the social media accounts of state media showed.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 20:07:13 -0400

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Read the full statement from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan about a 2010 domestic case

Read the full statement from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan about a 2010 domestic caseActing Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's full statement on a domestic violence case

Date : Tue, 18 Jun 2019 13:07:12 -0400

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VIDEO: Flight attendant, beverage cart smash into ceiling during violent turbulence

VIDEO: Flight attendant, beverage cart smash into ceiling during violent turbulencePassengers on a flight to France got tossed around in the air over the weekend in a terrifying bout of turbulence captured on video.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 10:40:43 -0400

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Waves of Chinese tourists invade North Korea

Waves of Chinese tourists invade North KoreaDecades later, the monument is a regular stop for new waves of Chinese going to the North, this time as tourists. Hundreds of soldiers and workers have been sprucing up the obelisk and its grounds in recent days ahead of a state visit to Pyongyang by Chinese President Xi Jinping this week. An inscription on it lauds "the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, who fought with us on this land and smashed down the common enemy".

Date : Tue, 18 Jun 2019 00:38:57 -0400

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As Hong Kong protests quiet down, what's next?

As Hong Kong protests quiet down, what's next?All but a handful of protesters in Hong Kong have gone home, but the crisis that brought hundreds of thousands into the streets to oppose an extradition bill is far from over. The way forward for both Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her opponents is uncertain because of the limits built into the city's "one country, two systems" arrangement with Beijing after Britain ceded control of the former colony in 1997. The public is wary of seeing Communist Party-ruled Beijing wield still greater influence that would imperil civil liberties such as independent courts and the freedom to speak out against the local government, privileges not enjoyed in the mainland.

Date : Tue, 18 Jun 2019 23:48:46 -0400

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Daring maneuver brings NASA’s orbiter closer to an asteroid than ever before

Daring maneuver brings NASA’s orbiter closer to an asteroid than ever beforeNASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has been orbiting the space rock known as Bennu since the start of the year. It caught up with the asteroid in late December of 2018 and successfully inserted itself into orbit around the object around New Year's day. There have been several "firsts" along the way, but its latest maneuver is the most daring yet, and it allowed the spacecraft to break yet another record.A recent tweak to its orbit has brought the probe to an orbit of just 680 meters, or around 2,230 feet from the asteroid's surface. This is now the closest that any manmade spacecraft has orbited any planetary body.It's a stellar achievement for NASA, but it's worth noting that the previous record was actually already held by the OSIRIS-REx probe. What NASA did was break its own record and set itself even farther ahead from any competition to come in the future.This new orbit, which the research team calls the Orbital B phase, will give scientists a better understanding of the asteroid's surface and hopefully allow NASA to choose a suitable location where the probe can briefly snag a sample of its material.Actually pulling off such a daring maneuver will be incredibly risky, and nobody is quite sure if the spacecraft can make it happen. This is due in large part to the incredibly messy surface of Bennu, which surprised scientists when they got their first close look. The asteroid's surface is littered with debris ranging from tiny pebbles to massive boulders, and the spacecraft's handlers now have to find the safest place on the rock from which to gather a sample.Assuming it pulls off the sample grab, the probe will then leave Bennu and return to Earth with the sample material stowed safely for scientists on Earth to examine.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 11:44:30 -0400

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Duterte Stands by China, Doubts Own Fishermen in Sea Collision

Duterte Stands by China, Doubts Own Fishermen in Sea Collision(Bloomberg) -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is standing by China over a collision involving the two nations’ boats in the South China Sea, with his spokesman casting doubts on local fishermen’s accounts of the incident.In his first public statement about what he described as a “maritime incident,” Duterte said China’s side should be heard on the collision that resulted in a Philippine vessel carrying 22 fishermen sinking in disputed waters on June 9. The crew were rescued by a Vietnamese fishing boat and a Philippine Navy ship.“It is best investigated. I don’t issue a statement now because there’s no investigation and no result," Duterte said in speech at a Philippine Navy event on Monday night. "The only thing we can do is wait and give the other party the right to be heard.”The Philippines will not escalate tensions with China by sending military ships to the South China Sea following the collision, he added, reiterating his nation isn’t ready to go to war with Beijing.At a briefing Tuesday, Duterte’s spokesman Salvador Panelo said there are "circumstances that give doubt to the version" of the Filipino fishermen, including how most of them were asleep when the collision happened.“The President doesn’t want this to be blown into an international crisis,” Panelo said. “We are being careful because there will be repercussions if we make the wrong move.”‘Passive’ PolicyDuterte stuck to his pro-China stance despite calls from the opposition, led by Vice President Leni Robredo, to change his “passive” China policy by actively asserting the nation’s rights in the disputed waters. Robredo, in a Facebook post Sunday, also called on Duterte’s government to demand the Chinese fishermen’s trial in the Philippines.Duterte now has to convince the public that friendly ties with China is still the way to go, said Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines’ Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea.“Between the Philippine government and the Chinese government the friendship policy has been set, but this incident has happened and casts doubt on the sincerity and wisdom of it to the Filipino people,” Batongbacal said.The Philippines’ long-term position in the South China Sea dispute may be weakened if Duterte maintains his pro-Beijing stance after the incident, said Professor Jeffrey Ordaniel, a fellow at Hawaii-based foreign policy research institute Pacific Forum. “The Duterte administration’s China policy is unfortunately helping the Chinese pursue their maritime ambitions.”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang described the incident as an “accidental collision" at briefing on Monday, adding that politicizing the collision “is not appropriate.” Beijing’s embassy in Manila earlier said the Chinese vessel’s captain tried to rescue the Philippine fishermen after bumping into their boat, but was afraid of being "besieged" by other Filipino fishing boats.The incident took place near Reed Bank, an area claimed by both Manila and Beijing where there’s a pending oil exploration plan by Philippines company PXP Energy Corp.\--With assistance from Dandan Li and Philip J. Heijmans.To contact the reporter on this story: Andreo Calonzo in Manila at [email protected] contact the editors responsible for this story: Cecilia Yap at [email protected], Ruth Pollard, Caroline AlexanderFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Date : Tue, 18 Jun 2019 01:51:07 -0400

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Amazon denies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim it pays warehouse workers ‘starvation wages’

Amazon denies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim it pays warehouse workers ‘starvation wages’Amazon has rejected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s claim it pays its workers “starvation wages”, saying the New York congresswoman is “just wrong”.Speaking over the weekend, the 29-year-old said she was less worried about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos being the richest person in the world, than if he was paying his workers a living wage. “Whether Jeff Bezos is a billionaire or not is less of my concern than if your average Amazon worker is making a living wage, if they have guaranteed health care and if they can send their kids to college tuition-free,” she told ABC News. “If his being a billionaire is predicated on paying people starvation wages and stripping them of their ability to access health care, and also if his ability to be a billionaire is predicated on the fact that his workers take food stamps…[then taxpayers are ] paying for him to be a billionaire.” On Monday, Amazon, which for many years was criticised over the wages it paid warehouse staff, rejected the congresswoman’s claim.“@AOC is just wrong. Amazon is a leader on pay at $15 min wage + full benefits from day one,” the company tweeted. “We also lobby to raise federal minimum wage.”Last year, Bernie Sanders, whom Ms Ocasio-Cortez campaigned for during the 2016 presidential contest, introduced legislation to tax large companies the full amount their workers were forced to be subsidised in the form of food stamps and state and federal benefits. He took aim in particular at Amazon, whose founder is said to be worth $150bn and yet has paid warehouse workers as little as $10 an hour.“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, when the 3 wealthiest people in America own more wealth than the bottom 50 per cent and when 52 per cent of all new income goes to the top one per cent, the American people are tired of subsidising multi-billionaires who own some of the largest and most profitable corporations in America,” Mr Sanders said when he introduced the legislation.The following month, Amazon said it had decided to pay all its workers a minimum of $15 an hour, which many campaigners say it still to little to qualify as a living wage.“We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead,” said Mr Bezos. “We’re excited about this change and encourage our competitors and other large employers to join us.”The comment over the weekend did not represent the first time Ms Ocasio-Cortez has placed Amazon, which in 2018 paid no federal taxes for the second years in succession, in her sights.Last year, she was among those campaigning for the company not to bring its so-called second headquarters to a location on New York’s Long Island City. She said it was wrong to pay the e-commerce giant up to $3.4bn in tax breaks and grants to complete the move.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 12:50:00 -0400

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McConnell on Jon Stewart: 'I don't know why he's all bent out of shape' over 9/11 victims' fund

McConnell on Jon Stewart: 'I don't know why he's all bent out of shape' over 9/11 victims' fundThe Senate majority leader says he can’t understand why the former “Daily Show” host is angry over the handling of health care funding for 9/11 victims.

Date : Mon, 17 Jun 2019 11:23:09 -0400

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