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Online Games
Conejo Eat all the carrots with a bunny.
Demon Attack Be the angel and attack all the demons.
Detroiter Monopolette Similar to russian roulette but with monopoly cards.
Jackpot Take your chance on a slot machine.
Jewels Click on two adjacent jewels to swap them and form three or more of the same jewel in a row or column. New jewels will fall to take their place. Bonus level at every 5th level starting with level 10. The game adds another type of jewel at levels 3, 5 and 8.
Memory This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 speed level (0=slowest 9=fastest).
Pacman The original flash pacman game.
Pong The original pong games enhanced.
Rubic Cube Twist the cube around to make all 6 sides match in color.
Sliding Puzzle Put the picture togather by sliding the peices around.
Tetris The classic tetris game.
Top Down Rally Race the car on the track.
Word Searches Solve the crossroad puzzle.