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Current assignment:

Capture image of portal starting with homepage and then each page as we develop them that will provide banner revenue.

1) Home page: 

A. Currently we have a top right scrolling area for banner/ad revenue.  Must define title and how this will be used and wether we keep the same size images and scroll.  Also, will this be for events or sponsors.

B. Below scrolling image in panel below we have the left flash area currently flash for orlando festival.  Must define title for this area and how it is to be used. 

C.  To the left of the flash area as describe in B. (where weather, live help) we have a small flash area currently with church business directory, purpose orlando.  Must define how many sponsors will flash.  Definetly 2 no more than 3.

D.  Top middle of home page is banner area that currently has Orlando Festival banner. 

E.  Top Right corner has talking character area that will be used for announcements that can also generate revenue to announce upcoming events.

F.  Middle right area has sponsor area that can have up to 5 rotating sponsor banners.  List size (specs) of these small banner ads.  Most likely, goal is to only use for 3 sponsors.  So, media kit would list 3 spots available.

G.  Community Spotlight, Business Awareness, Non-Profit Awareness (Maybe change this title), these are text link advertisements similar to what you will see in the Christian Post media kit sample.  These will create revenue also as text link advertisment. 

H.  Right bottom are 3 rotating ad areas that will be defined to use for advertisement with specs.

I. Left middle is one area for rotating Ad between the top menu and middle menu.

J. Quick links are also advertisement text links that allow for businesses to pay to have their business listed on home page for direct link to their site or a internal pae.

K.  Bottom right is a banner ad that is designed to be a long ad similar in length to bottom and top middle banner ads except they go up and down instead of across.

L.  Middle of home page banner ad above movie spotlight to be created and embedded in home page for this area.

M. Movie Spotlight area (box to left) is another flash area advertisment designed for entertainment/movie ads.

N.  Middle bottom of page is long banner ad.


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