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About Me

Mr. Pryor started his career in the United States Air Force where he dedicated over 11 years of honorable service.  During his military career, he attended several nationally accredited technical schools and colleges that focused on various subjects from hospitality, food service, sales, marketing, time management, human resources and public relations.


He has had the pleasure of working in numerous specialized fields while in the Air Force. These fields ranged from procurement, accounting, computer administration, food services, hotel and restaurant management and various other management and training positions to include working directly with top dignitaries and officials.  During his Air Force Career, he was awarded numerous distinctive awards, decorations and honors to include saving the government hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing special programs.  His last position in the Air Force was a selectively manned position as an Air Force Recruiter. He spent the last four years of his career in the Central Florida community educating city officials, businesses, various media sources, individuals and school crowds of more than several thousand people on career opportunities in the Air Force.


Mr. Pryor worked as an independent contractor and consultant for numerous companies over the years helping them with marketing, recruitment and business development.  After departing from the Air Force he started a small entertainment company and worked with various leaders in the community to plan inspirational entertainment to bring members of local churches together.  He continued his passion to help the community as the host of his own community talk show for a local radio station that aired six days per week.  During this time he spearheaded several events to include working with local and national recording artist, local pastors and various businesses and organizations from within the community.  Mr. Pryor took a change of pace when the radio station was purchased by an outside company and obtained his Real Estate license and went to work at a local vacation ownership resort.  While in this industry he was recognized as one of the top-ten in sales out of over 300 sales executives. This led to his promotion to becoming a recruiting and training manager for one of the top vacation ownership companies in Central Florida.  While there he was instrumental in the development of some of the most dynamic training programs ever introduced to the timeshare industry.  His expertise and background in organizational and growth management was crucial in establishing a corporate structure for the training and recruiting departments, enhancing the day-to-day operations as well as retention and ensuring long term growth and continuity for the company. 


It was after these accomplishments in his career that Mr. Pryor new he had fulfilled great accomplishments both in and out of the Air Force and knew it was time to fulfill his dream to help small businesses reach their desired level of success.  He knew in order to accomplish this great task that he had to first find individuals and affiliations that were committed to assist him in accomplishing this goal.  Thus, he established this company upon the same biblical principles and standards our great Nation was built upon.


Our core values say it all: “God before all, Integrity First, Service with Excellence”.


Mr. Pryor has put together a plan to help businesses succeed and economically impact their community by providing a one-source connection to key services built upon biblical principles and values.  His passion is to build a one-stop connection that will become the concierge service to the business industry.  It is with these goals that Mr. Pryor and his associates have committed themselves to help companies reach their next level of success!

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